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Welcome to the website of Notary Public in Cardiff

I am a Notary Public based in Cardiff.

I offer appointments outside office hours
at both weekends and in the evening.

This website provides more information on the the services I offer as well as answering the most common questions I am asked about what a Notary Public does.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like a quotation or to arrange an appointment.

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What is a Notary Public and what do they do?

A Notary Public is a specialist lawyer who can witness or certify documents for use in foreign countries. By virtue of the Notary's signature and official seal, authorities in other countries will be assured that the relevant checks have been carried out.

As an example, when buying a property abroad you may need to give your overseas lawyer power to deal with the purchase. A Notary Public can watch you sign a Power of Attorney and then notarise this document to ensure that it is accepted in the country involved.

In addition to these special powers a Notary Public is a lawyer who is authorised to advise on business and property matters, undertake conveyancing and deal with wills and probate amongst other matters.

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